An intro to 360 Video

  An Intro to 360 Video


In my first meeting at the engine room I was introduced to the Samsung 360 camera that was available to use, and immediately saw the exciting experiments and room for development in the area of VR that my research has lead me to in my art practice. So right after the session I started to experiment.

My first experiments with the samsung 360 camera consisted of footage my mums conservatory and some basic green screen. I noticed right off the bat that there were mapping errors in the combining of footage, which for me are un-avoidable as the process of joining the two 180 degree pieces of footage is performed by the samsung software, I am yet to look into any way I can adjust this in Final Cut Pro X, but I think I will need to at least cover the fault lines with some edit or other. This is to avoid it becoming distracting and interrupt to experience and sensation of immersion, that VR is so famed for.



Not only that, but for some reason there is a black shape that appears in all footage taken by one of the cameras. I’m not sure what is causing this, and will have to be careful on how I shoot to avoid it in future tests.



In my second meeting I managed to experiment a bit with layering things on top of 360 footage which worked pretty easily, however the issues occured when it came to mapping the angles and perspective onto 360, having the the engine rom I had trouble with my hard drive which turned out to be a fault in the hardware and not internal, luckily. So I carried on and erased some of my grass and distorted some footage of close up plants and used it on the ground, as well as layering some little bushes over the top.

Editing in 360 is slow, and tricky, the perspective when adding new non- VR elements is something to get used to and learn to work with I think.



My next goal will be looking at more VR creators, and how they make smoother and more customised surroundings to see if creating a environment from scratch would be as effective as recording directly in 360. Because although I love the way this looks, and how easy it is to use I feel as if the quality and ‘messy’ execution of the mapping using this camera is a little too restricting with how to manipulate the surroundings.

Not sure what I will find but will let you know in my next post !

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