intro to floriebunda and digital fashions

  Intro to floriebunda and digital fashions


Hi this is my first post on the log! I will be sharing my progress here during the time on this residency, leading up to somerset art weeks. I will also put up work on my own blog featured on my website so, if you want to see more have a look on .

I started this project with the proposal that I would incorporate fashion and a piece I have been working towards developing digital fashions. However My interest in 360 video and VR was equally ambitious and something I could always see myself doing just finding my lack of resource in the area limiting.

A week prior to my start at the residency I was experimenting with green screen, (as always) and building the very foundations of an idea; in creating the digital garments for floriebunda to wear. The results of this are below, I managed to map and key videos from my online social media use, mixing screen recordings and footage of floriebunda herself to be projected as an object for her to wear.

This fashion project is to explore how we present ourselves online through ‘dressing up’ with things that we believe represent us, or show ourselves in the best way, a look at fashion and identity. The modern progression of this concept is using our online activity and presentation in this space, to show how we want to be seen and represented. We then stylize this, showing this on our bodies online before posting it; only to become as object as the garments themselves. 

I try to imagine what I would wear as floriebunda and honestly its something digital, beautiful but also somehow self-oriented. 

It will be interesting seeing this idea develop into a immersive space.


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