Since my last submission to the log I have done a lot on the project, including filming and editing my green screen footage into a VR space.

I started by looking at the world Of VR and how people manage to use editing techniques to create worlds, and not solely relying on code and programming. I looked at artist, Carla Gannis someone I feel relates heavily to my themes and also my techniques, She however is a 3D animator who then puts these works into a VR space as of very recently (in the last few months) which makes me very excited about progressing with like minded artists around me.The first step after deciding I would edit footage to fit the surroundings, I set up ready to shoot at The Engine Room on the large green screen, lit with as even lighting as possible. The outfits, typically floriebunda. Pink accessorised and vivid. I love plastic looking materials like a metallic fabric. Also added earrings for the closer shots.

The shot list was rough, but I find going into it with an idea and then seeing what movements work during the shoot leaves me with the best results.

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