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The way we make, distribute, receive and exchange art is radically changing through the power of digital technology. Ignite Somerset is dedicated to enabling artists, communities and audiences in Somerset to harness the new opportunities afforded through digital technology to create and experience greater artistic excellence and innovation. Ignite Somerset is funded by Arts Council England and delivered by Somerset Film.

Grains of Truth video game We worked worked with artists associated with the 10 Parishes Festival to produce a video game featuring a character who navigates through the 10 parishes. The aim is to help the character collect grains of truth, when sufficient grains are collected the player is presented with a true and an untrue statement about the 10 parishes. The player decides which is the true statement and advances through the game.

The artists got involved in all aspects of designing the game, including sound/visual design and computer programming.

Tuning In This project provided an opportunity for patients on Meadow Ward at Williton Community Hospital to share and record memories. Patients, staff and volunteers worked together to capture some amazing, real life, stories. The Activity Co-ordinator, Kim Neall, said “it’s important future generations have the opportunity to glimpse into the past”.

The project sessions provided a framework in which patients were able to socialise and express themselves and, just for a moment, not have their ill health at the forefront of their mind. At the beginning of each session we projected a short archive film of Somerset to stimulate memories and inspire each participant to record their story. The result is a ‘digital wireless’, tune in to some lovely stories here.

Mothers in Lockdown Throughout September 2020 we supported theatre maker Selina Keedwell in the production of an online artwork for The Princess Theatre’s (Burnham-on-Sea) website. We provided support in the programming and designing of interactive elements of the application.

Selina said: “Mothers in Lockdown is a Recorded Delivery Verbatim, visual installation piece that seeks to capture the experiences of Mums in Somerset as they blindly navigate their way through Homeschool. The piece was constructed through Zoom interviews with the audio edited to represent nine different characters and experiences. Selina uses the Recorded Delivery Verbatim technique, speaking out the emotional experience of the character.

The 4th Plinth video game
 We produced a video game for the Quayside Festival 2020. The 4th Plinth developed out of a conversation we’ve been having as a team about the national debate regarding celebrating the lives of public figures in monuments and statues.

As you guide our intrepid adventurer through Bridgwater you’ll spot prominent buildings along the way including: Bridgwater Town Hall, The River Parrett Bridge, The Art Centre, Blake Museum and The Engine Room (home to Somerset Film). Collect gems as you progress through the town and unlock barriers. Journey through the secret hidden underground tunnels. Try and make it to the 4th plinth, but be careful not to bump into those pesky pigeons!