For mental health awareness week (18th – 24th May) we want to create something that truly reflects how our community is feeling.
We’re inviting you to use the button opposite to record a word, sound or line of poetry that reflects how you honestly feel right now.

We’ll use the recordings to create a sonic sound poem. We’ve done this before with the people of Wells. That one was installed in the Lady Chapel within the Cathedral. The piece features a collage of sounds including: the voices of local people, choristers rehearsing, chimes, echoing footsteps and the movement of people within the hallowed, yet busy, space.

An excerpt of the Wells Cathedral soundscape

  • Maybe you have a few lines of poetry?
  • Maybe you’d like to capture sounds of your allocated exercise time?
  • Maybe you’d like to send us the sounds of your street as lockdown changes?

Once we’ve collected your sounds we’ll get to work compiling, merging and composing a new work of sound-art and share it to our social media platforms.

We’d love to hear from you!

  • Click/tap record and share your experience (the recording will stop after 90 seconds) review your message and post to the project
  • Post your sounds between 18th – 24th May
  • Please don’t submit copyrighted material
  • Please ensure you have the permission of people featured in the recording
  • By submitting a recording you grant us the permission to use it in the composition
  • We reserve the right not to include inappropriate material

During Mental Health Awareness week (18th – 24th May) we ran the ‘how are you feeling Somerset’ project.

Thanks to all those wonderful people who recorded a message and shared their thoughts and feelings. We received a wide range of audio including: the beautiful chatting of a baby, the sound of a harp, poetry and birdsong. We promised that we would create a sonic sound poem that combines all of your contributions. So, here is ‘how are you feeling Somerset, a sonic sound poem’